Ayurveda medicine is the knowledge system about the longevity based on the organic self-recovery. The Ayurveda appeared in the ancient India and is now globally renowned. The Ayurveda massage is unique and highly efficient. Often two masseurs would perform it. In course of the procedure a masseur works with body energetics. The Ayurveda massage is different because of use of the specific oils. The oil and plant extract combinations as well as their temperature are selected based on the analysis of the client’s pshychoemotional state.
The Ayurveda massage relaxes the muscles, improves the lymphatic circulation and the blood stream to tissues; it removes the toxins from the muscles and improves immunity, equalizes the blood pressure, relieves the stress and tensions, rejuvenates and helps to lose excess weight.


90 min
150 min
105 EUR
175 EUR